We Are Enough; Street Art Project

Street Art Project

Encouraging self-expression and self-care through creativity.

We are all creative; and exploring that creativity reminds us that what we bring to the world is unique to us and cannot be compared, encouraging us to let go of the need to compete and conform, and just to be who we really, truly are.

It offers an outlet to express the thoughts and feelings we may not yet have a voice for and we gain the courage to let go of certainties and embrace imperfections, increasing our self-acceptance, our self-worth and our confidence; allowing us to know that #WeAreEnough

The We Are Enough; Street Art Project will showcase the art and experiences of our quiet community as expressed through textiles, imagery and words.

Taking place May 2019, Mental Health Awareness Week throughout the streets of Cornwall

Create for WAE; Street Art Project:

  • Knitting, crochet, pom poms or textile art
  • Photography, painting, collage, illustration or doodling
  • Writing stories, poems, narratives or about experiences

Get Involved At:

This is all about your personal self-expression; you are welcome to create anything you wish in any way you want.

To submit, please email stacie@quietconnections.co.uk

*We will always ask for your permission before sharing online or being used in any street art displays or exhibitions; pieces can remain anonymous

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In March 2018 we successfully crowdfunded, raising £2,500 to help deliver this project.