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What are people saying?

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Attendee Cornwall Faith & Mental Health Day

"I cannot tell you how much your exhibition and your talk touched me today... tears were streaming and I cannot imagine the courage it took you to share your stories in that way! I honestly don't know how you did it! Thank you so much for your bravery, strength, composure, honesty and passion in sharing as you did... you held yourselves with a great deal of grace and confidence today (even if you didn't feel like that inside!) You should be incredibly proud of yourselves - you moved mountains today! I pray that it helps many more people and brings awareness and compassion, support and safety to all those who need it so desperately."

Jane Yeomans Project Manager, Transformation Cornwall

"I cannot speak highly enough of the talk delivered by Stacie and Hayley of Quiet Connections, responses to their recently delivered talk included ‘you couldn’t hear a pin drop’; ‘I knew it was going to be powerful but boy….’; ‘so inspired and moved by you two incredible souls’ were just some of the comments we had back. But more than just on the day, Hayley and Stacie had real impact– their talk remained on people’s hearts, minds and actions and was truly crammed with ideas worth spreading."

Attendee Cornwall Business Fair

"I heard you speak at the Cornwall Business Fair today and I was genuinely touched by your words and relate totally to the imposter syndrome. Something I know only too well. I just wanted to thank you for sharing."

People we've loved talking with...

Towards Zero Suicide Conference
Cornwall Business Fair
Cornwall Faith & Mental Health Day
University of Exeter Business School
National Citizen Service

How we can help you

What we can talk about at your event

  • Our stories: How we’ve moved from self-harming, self-hating and feeling suicidal because we were experiencing social anxiety, to confidence, self-acceptance and success;
  • What we’re doing at Quiet Connections and how we know what we know;
  • Why it’s so important you know about this hidden issue and what it will mean for you;
  • How feeling socially anxious, shy and not good enough affects lives and society (including related statistics);
  • What unexpected barriers a person with social anxiety struggles with and how you can improve accessibility;
  • What signs to look out for and how you can help and signpost;
  • How creativity can help to reduce social anxiety and perfectionism, and grow confidence and self-expression;
  • Why we need to reframe quiet to change the culture of shame around quieter people.


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(We're based in Cornwall, UK)