Your self-compassion gifts

Download your self-compassion audio
Discover your self-compassion with this downloadable meditation. (Source: mBraining by G.Soosalu & M.Oka)
Take a self-compassion break
Download a pocket-sized guide to practising self-compassion when you need it the most (print at wallet size: 6 x 8 cm)
Test your self-compassion levels
Test your levels of self-compassion with Kristen Neff's self-test and find out which areas you'd benefit from working on the most.

The Space Between Self-Esteem and Self Compassion [Kristin Neff's TED Talk]

The elements of self-compassion:

1. Mindfulness (how do you really feel?)

2. A sense of common humanity (you are not alone)

3. Kindness, care and understanding for yourself (ask yourself what you need. Perhaps it’s patience; or the courage to accept yourself a little bit more; or to spend the next hour crocheting by the sea)

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