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What's on at Quiet Connections Pool?

Creating a community of understanding and a safe place for you to learn, grow, make friends and practise your social abilities...

“I feel accepting of myself, and calmer more often. I'm able to be more social, and explore sensitive issues creatively"

- Pool Quieteer

We meet every Thursday morning in the Intergenerational Room, Red River Cafe, Heartlands, Robinson's Shaft, Dudnance Ln, Pool TR15 3QY

What's on

May 23rd & 30th

June 6th & 27th - we'll be joined by special guest, Katy, from What Katy Stitched - who will be there to share and support with embroidery, cross stitch and applique techniques

July 4th

July 25th & August 1st - we'll be joined by Sarah Perry from Cornwall Craftivista CIC to inspire and support with installation and displaying ideas

August 8th

August 15th - yarn bomb & craftivism installation

#WeAreEnough Yarn Bombing & Craftivism

Workshops and Community Project

Spread messages of kindness to empower yourself and others who feel socially anxious and not enough. Through the quiet act of yarn bombing & craftivism, we'll be letting others know that we're all in this together and that we're all enough, just as we are.

What will you gain from this project?

  • Gently try something new and have a go at learning or expanding your creative skills with drop-in knitting & crocheting, cross stitch & embroidery, applique, and pattern designing workshops.
  • Grow confidence through recognising and celebrating your own quiet strengths and qualities as you explore the kind words and empowering designs that you’ll create to share the message that #WeAreEnough
  • Practise mindfulness and self-compassion with the aid of creative activities – perhaps even discovering new ways to self-care!

You are welcome to join at any of the dates with the opportunity to pick up the activities and learn from one another throughout. Feel free to use the open 'Quiet Time' sessions at the group on the 3rd Thursday of each month (or find some space throughout the Speaking Practise sessions) for additional time to continue on your project.

What's on


Activities for recognising quiet strengths & growing confidence

You'll start growing your confidence through a choice of gentle activities that will connect you with yourself and others; recognising your personal strengths and qualities, so you can more easily achieve what's truly important to you in life.


Every second Thursday of the month

Upcoming dates:

June 13th, July 11th, August 8th, September 12th, October 10th & November 14th


What's on

Every third Thursday of the month

Upcoming dates:

June 20th, July 18th, August 15th, September 19th, October 17th & November 21st

Quiet Time

Space for you to enjoy & self-care

These are open sessions at the group for you to simply enjoy in any way that you wish to; gifting yourself the permission to take time for you. That might mean coming along and reading a book, dedicating some time to a hobby that you love, doing that piece of work that you're itching to do but keep pushing to the bottom of your to-do list because it doesn't feel like 'work', or finding comfort in a friendly face with a chat over a coffee.

Of course, you are more than welcome to use this time to continue with what you're doing for the community project, or further practise your speaking abilities - because, as with every week, all activities are optional. 

This is your quiet time. Use it how you want to.



“I'm so glad I found you. It's so nice to know that others are going through similar things. What I like most is being able to talk to others who have similar issues, learning how to overcome those using different techniques to control anxiety. It's been a great way of making new friends with similar stories. You are an inspiration.”

- Claire

Gradually growing your comfort zone
Meeting new people in a relaxed way
Exploring new places & trying new things

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