Quiet Camp

Bringing like-minded young people together in nature, creating a safe space to learn, grow, make friends and practise their social abilities.

Monday 21st October 2019

Mount Hawke, Truro

Our one-day Quiet Camp is designed for young people with high-functioning aspergers/autism who also feel socially anxious and want to gain confidence in meeting people and making friends. Participants are offered a place to be who they are; encouragement to stretch their comfort zones at their own pace, and support in gently connecting with others.


Quiet Camp is a farm-based programme that harnesses the wellbeing benefits of outdoor spaces, connection to nature and being with animals to generate a sense of calm and contentment, allowing for natural, easy and meaningful conversations to arise as participants naturally fall into a state of ease with each other.


Using a coaching approach intertwined with outdoor and creative activities to form a safe, supportive and enjoyable space to be ‘in the moment’ and feel a sense of togetherness and belonging, we’ll reframe common challenges and highlight the strengths, possibilities and resources the young people already have within them.

Quiet Camp has been a popular request as a next step after a programme of one-to-one support. It is available to both those who have already been supported through Quiet Connections and those who have not.


Monday 21st October 2019, 11-5pm

Mount Hawke, Truro, Cornwall

Facilitated by two Quiet Coaches

Places are limited. £150.00 pp.

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