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Photography is a wonderful way to help you start living in the moment

This is because photography encourages us to take time, be still and notice the details. It offers us a chance to take our mind off of any current situation and focus purely on our surroundings, allowing us to let go of any anxious feelings and uncomfortable thoughts that might have been bubbling up. It soothes us, putting us into a relaxed state as it takes “us” out of the picture and simply allows life to just “be”.

When we experience social anxiety, we tend to focus inwards and our internal-external attention becomes out of balance. In this self-focus, we have a heightened sense of self-judgement; we’re intensely tuned into our thoughts and feelings, keeping the anxiety-cycle going; and we feel disconnected from other people and the world.

This mindful photography course is going to help you to redirect your attention externally, restoring the balance once more. 

In this first introductory session, you’ll be joining experienced nature photographer, Ellie, in exploring the ways in which photography can be used as a tool for mindfulness and how us quieter ones can even use it as a tool to communicate without words too. You'll discover how you can be using photography as a tool for reducing anxiety and cultivating awareness, presence and acceptance in your life.

Watch session #1 on replay above.

Want to Join Us for the Full Course?

The full course will be available on our 'Growth Plan' Community Subscription to follow on from this introductory session. This 6 month course will have monthly meetings that allows group and individual discussion to allow you to reflect on your mindful photographic practice.

This group will be non-competitive, with no focus on technical ability and no judgement - after all, photography is a form of art, and there is no right or wrong with art. The focus will be entirely on how photography can help you to reflect and live more present, calm and connected in your day-to-day life, and you can easily take part with just your phone.

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