Personal Training for Social Anxiety

Getting active to improve your wellbeing through movement...

Physical activity is vital for managing the human stress response, yet many people who feel socially anxious will avoid exercising in public or feel afraid to join a gym and try something new amongst other people. Personal training will help someone to start getting active and feel more confident about making wise decisions for their health and wellbeing.

The programme begins with a consultation to determine goals and cover health and nutrition. From here, a tailored programme will be created specifically for the Client. Depending on the Client’s needs, the programme may cover core, strength, cardio and flexibility, and could include using body weight exercises; running; walking; plyometrics; and equipment such as free weights, skipping ropes and wall balls.

As someone who has experienced social anxiety herself, the Personal Trainer incorporates NLP practises to support the Client in achieving their goals, and aims to help the Client become familiar with exercises and equipment and grow their confidence in physical activity, so they can continue this independently beyond the programme. Training can take place in the Client’s own home and they may train with a friend or relative for support.


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