Online Confidence Course

Growing your confidence, the Quiet way...

What will you get from this course?

Learning new strategies to manage anxious feelings and uncover the courage inside of you

Start making your life choices from a place of courage instead of fear

Practising gently stretching your comfort zone

You can use this model whenever you want to achieve something that feels a little too scary in the future

Increasing your self-awareness and seeing the good in you

Learn to see the good in you and know that you are enough

Growing your support network with truly understanding, like-minded people

Make friends with people who 'get it' as you stretch and grow together through your online world

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Meet your support team

Hayley Stanton


"I fearfully avoided all of the good things in life, feigning illness and hiding away to avoid presentations and socials, worried what people would think and do if they saw how 'defective' I was.

Now I am achieving things I never thought possible, including presenting to over 400 people! Gentle comfort zone stretching has played a huge part in this change, as has the techniques that we'll share with you on this course."

Frazer Smith

Frazer Smith


"I spent a lot of my life limiting myself due to feeling anxious and not good enough; comparing myself to others and fearing judgement and humiliation. Until I decided to make a change and pursue my life-long ambition of training to be a counsellor.

I learnt that by comfort zone stretching, with the right support, I could break down those limitations, which in turn grew my confidence. Now I'm doing things I would have never done before."