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Guest Speaker: Hayley Stanton

Available as a Guest Speaker at Your Event or on Your Podcast

Hayley Stanton is an NLP Practitioner, mBIT Coach and Blue Health Coach living in Cornwall, UK. A highly sensitive introvert, she grew up in Falmouth and experienced social anxiety, leading to fearfully avoiding many of the good things in life and attempting suicide aged 19.
Now Hayley is a social entrepreneur and founder of Quiet Connections CIC. She is passionate about using her personal and professional experiences to start conversations, raise awareness and help others who feel anxious, broken and alone, just like she did.

A little about Hayley Stanton...

As a child I was very shy and became very socially anxious and avoidant. I was too afraid to go to university or get a job after college; I struggled to make friends and didn't believe I would ever have a relationship. Being seen was my biggest fear. I expected to be judged harshly, criticised and rejected, so I kept myself small and hidden in all aspects of my life. It didn't feel safe to speak up and be seen - and my body wouldn't even let me if I wanted to! I felt like I was defective and didn't fit in and I couldn't see a future, which led to me attempting suicide aged 19. But I still didn't get the help that I needed.

Over the years, I picked up puzzle pieces which helped me understand that I really wasn't broken or defective, and I could change how I show up in the world. I learnt strategies to manage the anxious feelings, started to see my strengths and value, and I grew to love my quieter nature.

I've done things I never thought possible including dancing on the streets for charity, completing a degree, holding down jobs, publicly speaking to 100s of people, becoming a Marine Mammal Medic and, of course, setting up and running a business!

In 2014, I trained to become a Coach and the little acorn of an idea I had for Quiet Connections eventually came to life as a social enterprise... with a little help from the School for Social Entrepreneurs where I was fortunate to meet my business partner, Stacie. Setting up a business as a quieter person brought it's own challenges too and it took a while for me to fully believe that I didn't have to be chatty and extraverted to succeed!

Now I am a Blue Health Coach (the science and philosophy of water for wellbeing), mBIT Coach (multiple brain integration techniques) and an NLP Practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming) with an ILM award in Coaching. I am Suicide Intervention Skills trained with a degree in health. I was selected as one of Cornwall's 30 under 30 in the year I established Quiet Connections as a social enterprise.

Having lived a life with social anxiety, I know all too well that it is a hidden but very common issue, shrouded with shame and secrecy as we think we are the only ones going through this. That is why I'm passionate about using my personal experiences and professional skills to start conversations and support other people feeling socially anxious and I would welcome the opportunity to start this conversation with you. Please get in touch using the booking form below if you would like to chat with me at your event or on your podcast.

Topics of discussion include:

  • From Socially Anxious to Quietly Confident;
  • Why how you are isn't who you are;
  • Suicide isn't a selfish act: Why someone feeling socially anxious might be thinking of suicide;
  • Starting a business as an introvert and feeling like an imposter;
  • Why we need to reframe quiet and change the culture of shame around quieter people;
  • Blue health and the healing power of nature connection for people experiencing social anxiety.

Questions Hayley is always ready to answer:

  • What's your story?
  • What made you change how you were showing up in the world?
  • What are the methods that helped you to navigate your way through social anxiety?
  • How does feeling socially anxious and not good enough affect lives and society?
  • Why is it important to reframe quiet in society?
  • What unexpected barriers does a person with social anxiety struggle with and how can we improve accessibility?
  • Who does Quiet Connections help, and how?
  • Some people think of suicide as a selfish act, can you share your perspective on this?
  • How common is social anxiety and why is this a hidden issue?
  • How did starting a business affect you?

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