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We believe everyone who feels anxious, not good enough, panicked or avoidant in social, performance and everyday situations should be able to receive compassionate support and feel understood. Right now, this can be tricky because it remains largely hidden and misunderstood due to a reluctance to talk about these feelings.

That’s why a big part of our Quiet Mission involves raising awareness amongst health and education professionals, employers, communities, family and friends, of the everyday challenges faced by the children, young people and adults who feel this way. We know when people are aware of these challenges, they are better able to recognise, support and empathise with those in need who may not wish to draw attention to themselves by asking for help.

If you'd like more information, email: hello@quietconnections.co.uk

We’ll be delighted to tailor-make a talk for your organisation or event, delivered by a team member with lived experience of these challenges as well as professional knowledge to share. We’ll happily share with you;
  • Our personal stories, and/or examples from the people we’re supporting (what they wish you knew);
  • What we’re doing at Quiet Connections and how we know what we know;
  • Why this is such an important issue for you to know about and what it will mean for your family/business/community;
  • The impact that feeling socially anxious, shy and not good enough can have on people’s lives and wider society, including related statistics;
  • Signs to look out for and how you can help and signpost.


Hayley Stanton

  • Founder/Director and Coach at Quiet Connections
  • Cornwall 30 Under 30 class of 2017
  • Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs fellow

Hayley can talk about:

  • Confidence: what exactly is it and how can we all start growing our confidence the Quiet way?
  • Unexpected barriers to fully participating in life for someone feeling socially anxious and what we can all do to help
  • Thinking, feeling and behaving: common coping strategies and misunderstandings
  • Personal experience of growing up painfully shy and socially anxious; keeping hidden and avoiding all of the good things in life
  • The entrepreneurs journey and the imposter experience; how 'successful' people aren't so different to you.


Caroline Wade, Director and Coach at Quiet Connections

Caroline Wade

  • Co-director and Coach at Quiet Connections
  • Thrive Practitioner and Trauma Informed Schools (TIS) trained
  • 12 years experience supporting children, young people and families

Caroline can talk about:

  • Helping young people feel they have the power to be and do whatever they choose to
  • Using creativity and connection to grow confidence in young people
  • The neuroscience and attachment theories behind how we behave under stress
  • Personally experiencing anxiety, depression and feeling ‘not good enough’ before accessing support and therapy
  • Being seen as a confident, outgoing person who can talk to anyone and embrace life and all of its opportunities, but actually feeling full of doubt and self-loathing with a highly critical internal voice.