Quiet Community Connections

Bringing like-minded people together in a space where it's ok to talk and it's ok to be quiet too

Using creative activities, tea and space this is your time for gently connecting with people who have similar stories with no pressure to speak up or join in - you're welcome to bring a book and read with a cuppa if you like. We're creating a community of understanding where you can make friends, practise using your social abilities and take precious time out for self-care.  

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Would you like to join our team as a volunteer Community Connector?

Coming soon to St Austell, Camborne, Falmouth and Truro!

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Who will you meet?

Community Connections is coordinated by Stacie Clark with Community Connectors in each town.

Director and Community Coordinator

Stacie Clark

Stacie was naturally quieter as a child and grew up with a love for imagination, creativity and arts. Whilst joy for these activities balanced out any anxieties around being in the spotlight, she felt uncomfortable speaking to others in every-day situations and meeting new people from a young age.

Stacie began experiencing low self-worth in her teens, believing that she wasn’t good enough, capable or deserving, and struggled to see her value and where she belonged. Feeling fearful of judgement from others, she started to withdraw and avoided others from truly getting to know her.

She now uses creativity and coaching to explore, express and work through her thoughts and feelings to manage her emotions, and practise imperfection and vulnerability. Stacie believes that through embracing who we are, accepting our differences whilst understanding we’re essentially all the same at our core, we can authentically lead with our hearts, and this is key to living confidently, lovingly and joyfully – with anxieties and courage walking side by side.

Community Connector

Sophie Cowles

Community Connector

Gracie Sodzi

Connections Project Manager

Luke Monnington

Luke is currently in his second year studying BSc Business at the University of Exeter and is thrilled to be able to contribute to a great team at Quiet Connections and help others who struggle. Whilst studying business, Luke loves a range of sports, and understanding the science behind why the brain works the way it does. Luke works alongside Stacie on our Connections projects; bringing like-minded people together and creating a community of understanding where it’s okay to talk, and it’s okay to be quiet too.

Connections Marketing Coordinator

Harry Standen

Harry is a first year business student at the University of Exeter and is thrilled to be a part of team which helps support a cause that’s so important to him. As part of Quiet Connections, Harry is focused on connecting people locally through our Connections groups and spreading the message that you’re not alone. Harry has personal experience of feeling socially anxious and would like to help others who are in a similar situation. Harry’s hobbies include baking and watching films. Harry found that baking actually helped him to reduce his socially anxious feelings in school when he started to bring cakes into class! Harry would like to run a tea shop in the future and his ambition is to own his own company.


Group Facilitator and Community Connector

Annika Wilby

Annika is a psychology graduate and experienced bullying throughout her childhood which impacted on her confidence and self-worth. For many years, Annika chose to avoid being seen, living in a small, safe comfort zone with little room for making the mistakes that help us grow. Annika has now found the courage to stretch beyond her comfort zone and trying new things has helped her confidence grow.

Community Connector

Emily Gibbs

Emily joins us as part of the Truro Community Connections team

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