Stretch Connections

Comfort Zone Stretch Companions

We all have that something that we want to do in life, which feels like a really big stretch right now.

What's your dream?

Now imagine what it would be like to have a safe place to explore your fears and concerns about doing this with people going through something similar.

What if you could think about new ways of overcoming challenges and look for answers and solutions together?

What could you do with the support you need to grow your confidence, be a little bit more courageous and put your ideas into practise?

During these small group coaching sessions, we’re all challenging ourselves to gently stretch our comfort zones so you can achieve what it is you want to in life.
How could this help you?
  • You’ll no longer be alone in your journey
  • You'll feel supported by people who can really empathise with your struggles
  • You'll have companions to share your highs and lows and celebrate with
  • You'll look at your challenge and potential solutions from new perspectives
  • You'll have accountability to your companions so you're more likely to follow through on the challenges you set yourself
  • You'll also develop your listening and questioning skills so you can better support your friends and family
You'll be part of a small group, limited to 5 people who also have a desire and willingness to overcome feelings of social anxiety and 'not being enough' to achieve something important to them. Reserve your place now to take advantage of an introductory rate of only £60. Simply complete the form opposite.
Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone - Neale Donald Walsch

Do you want to join a Comfort Zone Stretch group?

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