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Georgina’s top 7 songs to inspire and empower you

Songs that inspire and empower

I spend a lot of time listening to music, I cannot stand driving without music playing (even if it’s just a five minute drive to the supermarket), and I like to fill silences with music, whether it’s out loud or through headphones. Music can make such a difference in managing our emotions.  Today, I’m focusing on those songs that inspire and empower me in life. Look out for my follow up post with some songs to play to help combat anxiousness too.

Songs to inspire and empower you:

1. Unstoppable- Sia

I truly love this song. It always makes me think of coping with anxiety as it focuses largely on the idea of putting on a game face, even if you don’t feel like you can do something, and telling yourself that even if you sometimes doubt it, you’re unstoppable and can do it. This song always makes me feel that bit more confident and capable when I listen to it, and I often repeat the chorus in my head as if telling myself it- ‘I’m invincible, I win every single game, I’m so powerful, I don’t need batteries to play, I’m so confident, I’m unstoppable today’. Even if I feel really anxious, it makes me feel that bit more confident, it gives me back a bit of my confidence in myself and my ability, and it makes me feel a bit more unstoppable.

2. This Is Me- Keala Settle

This song is so brilliantly empowering- I feel so uplifted and confident in myself whenever I listen to it. I have the Greatest Showman soundtrack in my car, so I can often be found enthusiastically belting the words to this song while sat in traffic (I probably look a bit weird but that’s okay because I love it!). I can never listen to this song just once, I usually end up listening to it on repeat because it’s so beautiful and prominent. The line ‘I know that I deserve your love, there’s nothing I’m not worthy of’ is such an important message, and whenever I sing along to it I feel myself believing it even more. It seems like such a small thing and yet it really does make me feel so much more confident in myself when I listen to it.

3. Make Your Own Kind Of Music- Paloma Faith

‘Make your own kind of music, even if nobody else sings along’- I love the message of this song: it’s okay -and even important- to do your own thing, even if it’s not what everybody else is doing. I love the emphasis on how important it is to be you, to be your authentic self. The idea that you are the absolute very best and most unique person you can be when you are being yourself seems so ridiculously cliché, but it’s true. I love this song because it’s just so empowering to listen to; it’s like a reminder to give myself permission to be me.

4. Alive- Sia

To me, the message of this song is that things may seem awful, but you will get through it and come out of the other side. ‘I’m still breathing, I’m alive’ conveys the fact that even after everything, she’s still here; she survived; she made it out and is working on being okay. It’s so important to remember that even if things seem impossible to get through, you can do it.

5. Upside Down- Paloma Faith

The focus of this song is being different and embracing it, and it makes me feel so positive about the aspects of my personality that I sometimes view negatively due to them not being necessarily viewed as ‘normal’. I love how wonderful this song is in its idea that if everyone not being the same is considered ‘upside down’, then being upside down is just as fun as being the ‘right way up’. It really emphasises the importance of appreciating the things that make us all unique, and celebrating ourselves as individuals.

6. The Greatest- Sia

‘I fell twice before my bounce back was special’- I love this line as it really emphasises the fact that things don’t always work out as you planned immediately, but that doesn’t mean they never will. It really elicits the fact that just because things don’t seem to be moving as you expected (whether that’s in life, or in terms of mental health and how quickly you think things should be moving), doesn’t mean they won’t eventually get there. Sometimes it seems hard to grow your comfort zone (after all, it wouldn’t be called a ‘comfort zone’ if everything outside the zone also felt easily comfortable), and this song conveys the fact that even if things aren’t instantly happening and you aren’t coping with things as easily or quickly as you want to be, with work and time they will get there- you have the power to be the greatest, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

7. High Hopes- Panic! At The Disco

This is another one that inspires me to put hard work in and not give up on the things I believe in. I think it’s a common thing that people who experience anxiety often doubt themselves and feel as though their ambitions need to be smaller or more contained in order to be reached, and this song really enforces the fact that having high hopes isn’t a weakness or a means to failure, and is actually the best way to get where you want to be. Having a vision, an idea of where you want to go and what you want to achieve, is the first step to success, and so having the highest of high hopes is a strength because it means that you’ll never run out of places to go. It won’t necessarily be easy, and it will take hard work, but it really emphasises that these components can help you to achieve what you want to- whether that’s stretching your comfort zone, getting your dream job, or coping with the things life throws at you. This song really motivates me and helps me to flip the things that I see as terrifying and impossible and turn them into something to strive for.

What songs inspire and empower you? Share your favourites in the comments below.

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