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How I am overcoming social anxiety to shave my head in aid of the ME Association

Why would anyone who feels socially anxious want to shave their head? Clearly, it could draw unwanted attention and open us up to judgement… the very things that anyone who feels socially anxious tries to avoid! (You can read my story here.) But, I believe that when we care about something enough, we can push through the fear and do it anyway. It might not be comfortable, but it’s meaningful.

That’s why I am going ahead with my headshave. Because it is important to me to raise awareness and money for ME Association, to fund vital research and help others understand what it’s like for those living with ME, like my mum. Being ME Awareness week, I’ve spent this week in particular talking about my mum’s challenges and hoping to raise awareness amongst people who haven’t heard of ME, so that those that are living with ME can be better understood and supported by us all. Here, I get honest about how I’m feeling about shaving my hair off.

Watch my video below to hear how this is affecting me.

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