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CHBN Radio Interview: How Quiet Connections is progressing

On Friday 9th, I met with our Young Person’s Coach, Caroline, and presented a comfort zone stretch opportunity… ‘would she like to join me for an interview on CHBN Radio that afternoon?’

Knowing this is a big stretch for Caroline, I half expected to be doing it alone (this might come as a surprise to some people who know Caroline and see a confident, outgoing person on the outside, but those who really know Caroline’s story will understand), and that’s ok; it’s still a stretch for me even though I’ve been on CHBN Radio three times.

Without hesitation, Caroline agreed – and she’s hiding the nerves well in the pre-interview photo! So this is our first interview together, with Adam Carpenter from CHBN, as Caroline prepares to join Team Quiet full-time in April.

* Helston Connections peer support space will be running on the third Monday of the month.

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