3 top TED talks for self-acceptance

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We all have days when we need a boost. We might be feeling low on confidence, misunderstood, or doubting our abilities. These TED talks are for those days. Days when you need a pep talk on the unique qualities we can bring to the world. Talks to lift the spirit and remind you, it’s ok to be you.


Are you ‘perfect’ or authentic?

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Quiet Connections accepting imperfections

Remember how it felt at school, when a teacher would ask a question that you had no clue how to answer? So many of us have felt the sinking feeling of being picked despite our best efforts to appear invisible. (I’m talking shrinking down in seats, avoiding eye contact with the teacher- the best avoidance […]


Why we’re yarn bombing Truro

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Yarn Bombing the action or activity of covering objects or structures in public places with decorative knitted or crocheted material, as a form of street art. Yarn bombing Truro might not seem like a very ‘Quiet’ thing to do. It certainly didn’t feel like it as Stacie climbed onto Gemma’s knee, stretching up a lamppost […]

Coping strategies

How can 3 minutes of crochet ease anxiety?

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Crochet to ease anxiety

We all experience anxiety; it’s a completely natural emotion and physical response – it can even serve us well in certain moments and in small controlled spells. However, if anxious feelings are something that you feel like you are currently struggling with, then finding ways in which to manage that experience can really help to […]