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Press Release

For immediate release: Thursday 14th May 2020

Quiet Connections app launches creating a community of understanding, support and friendship for quieter people

The Quiet Connections app offers a safe space to easily connect with new friends and get support for those who struggle with meeting new people and speaking up in groups and conversations.

The app has been created by Cornwall based social enterprise, Quiet Connections, to bring together quieter people who share similar stories so they can support and learn from each other, and gain acceptance, friendship and understanding.

When Quiet Connections’ community groups were cancelled due to Covid-19, many of their existing members were struggling with the change. Directors Hayley Stanton and Stacie Clark were determined to find a way to help the quiet community to stay connected throughout the crisis. After a number of community members explained they felt uneasy about using existing social media platforms due to privacy concerns and wanting to avoid negative posts, they decided it was time to develop the Quiet Connections app.

The app launch comes as Quiet Connections celebrates their 3rd birthday as a Community Interest Company. Hayley says “We want quieter people who feel awkward or anxious in social situations to know that they’re not alone, and this app offers people the chance to be a part of a genuinely understanding community where you can share your stories, worries and successes; ask questions and feel supported and understood from the comfort of your own home.”

Also included is statistics and stories from people who feel socially anxious to remind you you’re not alone; daily words of wisdom to help you recognise and celebrate all that you are and all that you can be; and a chance to get involved in the latest campaign to reframe quiet.

Community member, Julia says “The app is really great, it works well and I enjoy sharing my little things here! I feel it’ll become a really important tool for me to share my experiences with people who understand how I feel and what I’m talking about.”

It’s free to download the app and join the Quiet Community. An additional subscription is also available to get exclusive access to extra tools and insights including talking tips and conversation starters, and creative activities to help you feel calm, let go of perfectionism and express who you are.

The Quiet Connections app is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play now. Go to www.quietconnections.co.uk/app for more information, screenshots and a demo.



Notes to Editors:

About Quiet Connections CIC

Quiet Connections helps people who experience social anxiety to stop panicking and feel more calm and confident in social situations, so they can finally speak up, join in and feel like they truly belong. We provide coaching, courses and get-togethers for people who feel socially anxious, shy and not good enough and we bring like-minded people together to create connected communities where they can feel seen and understood.