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Navigating Your Life: Coaching for a more fulfilling life that’s true to who you really are

Resetting your compass to align with the gifts of your quieter nature and your inner knowing, so that you can take courageous steps towards a life that feels meaningful to you.

We know that life isn’t as fulfilling as you’d like it to be right now. You feel like you’re missing out and you want more… if only you knew what that looked like! That little, quiet voice buried deep inside you tells you that you’re here for something more, but you feel so small and insignificant that it’s hard for you to see what you have to offer - in your work, your relationships, and, well, in society full stop really!

Tuning into your true heart-felt desires and that sense of who you really are deep down is a struggle for you after so many years of trying to be and do what other people say you should. The moment you get an idea you’re talking yourself out of it, worrying that it’s the wrong path for you; fearing judgement from other people; or thinking you’re not the right kind of person to succeed at it. So you stay still. Stuck. Waiting to be sure. 

But you have a big heart and you want to make a difference in the world in your own special way.

It’s equally as important for you to feel good in life, too, and we all know there’s no joy in feeling stuck.

You’re longing to live with more meaning and purpose -even if you don’t quite know what this is yet, or how it might shape your life. You’re more than ready to discover your unique qualities, gifts, passions and experiences and explore how best to use these to contribute in your world in a way that works with your quieter or more sensitive nature. 

You know you need to trust in yourself and have the courage to act on your inner wisdom; saying and doing what feels nourishing, fulfilling and true for you. Feeling confident that you can try and fail on the way to achieving and you’ll be okay; as long as you keep moving in the direction that feels right for you.

There's no joy in feeling stuck. 
Your job is to feel good.

You’ve been taking small steps forwards (and backwards and forwards) for a while now...

  • You’ve told yourself “just do it” when you’re not sure and tried to ignore the anxiety, but it didn’t go away.
  • You’ve tried being the person others want you to be and that’s definitely not felt good.
  • You’ve read books, watched videos, consulted ‘Dr. Google’, taken personality tests and even attended courses or had counselling… 

...Still, those fears and old ways of being come creeping in;

Getting in the way of you wholeheartedly showing up as yourself and embracing the opportunities that can move you towards, well, being more YOU. Which means taking intuitive, aligned action (even though we can never be certain how it’s going to turn out) and living life with a greater sense of fulfilment

Choose courage over comfort and show up for life because you have gifts and stories to share that make the world a brighter, kinder place.

It isn’t easy to gain clarity, integrate and embody what you're learning so that you can start living it...

...especially when you’ve been running old habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that were designed to keep you safe.

"You can’t get hurt if you’re staying small and hidden", right??

Okay, that’s not true at all; being unseen and unheard does hurt -a lot! But the self-protective part of you believes it’s the best way, and it silently self-sabotages your efforts to grow. (It’s a whole lot like wrapping yourself in bubble wrap… Sure, you’ll not get bumped and bruised but you also won’t feel the wind on your face, or the sun on your skin, or the kind touch of a hand, and in all that protective wrapping, you’ll find it harder and harder to breathe. So forget the bubble wrap, it’s not good for you or the planet.)

You see, so often, the solutions that we try offer an approach that focuses on rational head-based thinking alone, not recognising how excessive self-protection shows up and sabotages you from within; or the need for you to reconnect with your intuition and instinct to find your truth and inner compass first. Sometimes it’s hard because that professional just doesn’t get how difficult it is for you to show up and be seen and so their perspective is wildly different to yours. Even if they do get it, the reality is that you are your own best guide. No one can tell you what you need or give you direction, that has to come from within you. 

It's time to explore what more there is inside of you and all the possibilities that exist for you.

You already have the courage to create change for yourself.

We’ve worked with hundreds of people, like you, who struggled to see what they are for, find direction in life, and take brave and meaningful steps forwards. With coaching, they’ve come to see the unique power in their quieter qualities and more sensitive natures; find the purpose and meaning they were searching for; grow confidence in their capabilities and trust in their inner guidance.

Our greatest gift is helping you to see the light within yourself; discovering your true self and what you have to offer; and accessing the courage to express yourself in the world, walking the path that’s aligned with who you truly are. That’s what Navigating Your Life is all about.

“Hi there! We’re Hayley, Stacie & Phil… We help people like you to live a more fulfilling life that’s aligned with who you really are. 

Because we, too, have felt lost, anxious and frustrated because it seemed like we were missing something in life but didn’t know what or how to get it. Unsure which way to turn and lacking self-belief, we felt stuck. But we found ways to get moving. To follow our hearts. Exploring. Creating. Becoming. And when our inner compass told us it’s time to pivot, we trusted our wisdom and adjusted our sails. 

Sure, we’ve got all the necessary qualifications, but what’s most important is we’ve lived this struggle, too.” 

Phil Hayley Stacie - Coaches at Quiet Connections in Cornwall
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“The first time I came for a coaching session I didn’t know what I was doing with my life at all. I couldn’t figure out how to spend it in the most fulfilling and valuable way. I needed help understanding what my purpose was and what do I do now? Coaching made me realise that I didn’t need to do grand things to be able to hit my purpose. It was all about making the space around me the way I wanted, and this had a knock effect on other people. Coaching helped me move forward, finding rewards and purpose in my life. It’s the most liberating thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I can now celebrate I’ve responded in a way I would not have reacted before.”

Navigating Your Life

Coaching for a more fulfilling life that’s true to who you really are

A 12-week 1:1 personalised coaching programme to help you with:

  • Reconnecting with your inner knowing and who you truly are; gaining clarity of your sense of purpose and what’s important to you
  • Recognising the value and capability of your quieter qualities and more sensitive nature; exploring your unique ability to express yourself and create change
  • Accessing the courage and self-belief within you; taking meaningful steps towards a life that feels fulfilling to you

What’s Included in the Programme?

  • 6 hour-long coaching calls (that’s one every 2 weeks!) - £600 value
  • Text & email support between sessions - £200 value
  • Community support on the app - PRICELESS! (but if we had to put a value on it £60) 
  • Reflective journal prompts for you and your friends and family - £97 value
  • Daily self-connection exercises - £147 value 
  • Comfort zone stretch workbook and how-to video - £197 value
  • Values exploration worksheet and how-to video - £147 value 
  • Seeing the good in you 2-hour course & worksheet - £297 value

(VALUE £1,745)


  • Human Design Introductory Course - £297 value
  • Integrative Art Toolkit - £499 value




Schedule a free 30-minute coaching call now to make sure we’re a great fit.

Sarah St Austell

"Coaching helped me realise that each and every one of us have individual stories that are important enough to be shared; actually, they need to be heard. It offered me a whole new mindset and the confidence to know that it is OK to use my voice”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will help me?

You will get the most out of coaching when:

  • You're already in a place where you are keen to dive in and explore what more there is inside of you and all the possibilities that exist for you.
  • You believe that you can change and create change for yourself. Maybe you just don't quite know how or what that looks like right now, but you are super curious to uncover your potential!
  • You're willing to turn inwards, be vulnerable, sit with discomfort, and to have a go (even when it sucks) because you know this is what it takes to be a truer, wiser version of yourself in this world.
  • You are invested in your own growth and committed to showing up and putting in the effort.

Where can I access coaching?

  • Coaching in Nature across Cornwall: We offer walking-exploring sessions across much of Cornwall, partnering with blue and green spaces in our coaching approaches (We regularly coach in the areas of Penzance, Porthleven, The Lizard, Helston, Hayle, Falmouth, Redruth, Camborne, Portreath, Truro, Mount Hawke, Porthtowan, Perranporth, Newquay and Charlestown - get in touch to find out where we can work with you).
  • Coaching from Further Afield: For those who are further away or prefer to connect through technology to begin with, you can also have coaching sessions via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp Video, or a simple phone call if you're more comfortable with this. 

I can’t pay the full amount all at once - can I break down the payment?

  • We’ve got you - there’s an extended payment plan for those that need this and payment can be split into 3 monthly payments.

How do I get started?

Book a free 30-minute consult with us to chat through your options and see if we’re a good fit. You can do that here.

Rose Camborne

“When I came to Quiet Connections I had limited confidence and no self-esteem or self-belief. I didn't feel worthy of others’ time, effort, help or love. But with coaching, I began to feel differently about myself. I discovered I could do the things I was scared of, and I was likeable. I joined groups and did different activities and had fun while being my true self... Happy Dance and all! The biggest thing I've learned is to trust, both myself and others. I have belief in myself now. I can act with grace and love to myself as well as those around me and I have been able to develop friendships with new people.”

Book a free 30-minute coaching session to try it out.

Meet Our Coaching Team

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