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How Do You Know If Coaching Is a Good Fit For You?

  1. You're already in a place where you are keen to dive in and explore what more there is inside of you and all the possibilities that exist for you.
  2. You believe that you can change and create change for yourself. Maybe you just don't quite know how or what that looks like right now, but you are super curious to uncover your potential!
  3. You're willing to turn inwards, be vulnerable, sit with discomfort, and to have a go (even when it sucks) because you know this is what it takes to be a truer, wiser version of yourself in this world.
  4. You're invested in your own growth and committed to showing up and putting in the effort.

How Can You Engage With Coaching?

Coaching in Nature across Cornwall

We offer walking-exploring sessions across much of Cornwall, partnering with blue and green spaces in our coaching approaches

Coaching from Further Afield

For those who are further away or prefer to connect through technology to begin with, you can also coach via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp Video, or a simple phone call if you're more comfortable with this


How Can You Get Started?

First, you'll want to have a chat with us so that we can make sure we're a good fit for each other and that coaching is the right route for you at this point on your path.

You can pick a time to suits you for a 30 minute 'get to know you' session to explore your situation and how we can help.

We offer a programme of one-to-one sessions with a Quiet Connections Coach of a period of 3 months for £360.

(Note: if you're unemployed, you may meet the criteria to access financial support with this via the Positive People project. Find out more here).

To Get Started, Book Your Free Call Here

"When I first met Hayley, I was very lonely. I had limited confidence and no self-esteem or self-belief. I didn't feel worthy of others time, effort, help or love. But with Hayley's help, I began to feel differently about myself. I discovered I could do the things I was scared of, and I was likeable. I joined groups and did different activities and had fun while being my true self... Happy Dance and all!

I think the biggest thing I've learned is to trust, both myself and others. I have belief in myself now. I can act with grace and love to myself as well as those around me. I have been able to develop friendships with new people. My message to other people is to be your own authentic self, quiet or otherwise, we're all worthy of love time and attention."


Meet Our Coaching Team