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"My thoughts and feelings completely changed as I was able to see things in a different perspective that I haven’t been able to do in a while. I now know I am a better person than I see myself and that others see the good in me and do not see the ‘negative’ person I felt before"
Workshop participant
Seeing the good in you
"The session really helped me, and the very next morning I spoke with two new ladies on the pre-school run. I even felt confident enough to move forwards with my career plans this week."
Sarah Summers
Tiny tweaks to grow your confidence

Quietening your inner criticOld Bakery Studios, Truro [with Stacie Clark of New Day Knitwear]

Are you full of self-doubt? Are you your own worst critic? If you’ve been feeling like you’re not good enough, you’ll quickly learn that you’re not alone in this workshop.

Find out how quietening your inner critic with self-compassion can actually help you to move forward more successfully in life. We’ll explore what self-compassion looks and feels like and why this is important in feeling confident and being courageous in life. You’ll learn how it’s easier to get through tough situations with a little self-compassion, and how filling your own reservoir of self-compassion actually means you can be kinder to other people. You’ll also take away new ways to be more compassionate towards yourself.

Seeing the Good in You

Old Bakery Studios, Truro [with Stacie Clark of New Day Knitwear]

When you start to see all the good there is in you, you can more easily be courageous and take on challenges in your life.

It’s too easy to get caught up in what we don’t like about ourselves isn’t it? Well, this workshop will help you to think differently. This relaxed and playful session will guide you in appreciating your quiet strengths and discovering your core values. You will see yourself in a new light, growing your confidence and supporting your current or future job seeking activities.

Old Bakery Studios, Truro 

What could you achieve if you felt more confident? The latest scientific research has shown how small tweaks that you can easily make will help you to manage feelings of anxiety and approach challenges with confidence instead of dread. You’ll discover simple, practical and easy to learn techniques to reduce anxiety and feel more confident (and why these will work for you).

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We aim to help family and friends understand and support people who feel anxious in social situations. If you’ve had this experience, we want to know what challenges and messages you’d like to share with people to help them better understand you. If you’re a friend or relative, we want to know what questions you want answered. We’ll be sharing these anonymously at awareness events, which will be a chance for loved ones to learn things you haven’t been able to talk about before and find out how we really want to be supported.

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