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Seeing the good in you

Old Bakery Studios, Saturday 19th August, 1:00-4:00pm 
[In collaboration with Stacie of New Day Knitwear] 

When we recognise the good in us and we are clear about what we value, we can more easily be courageous and take on challenges in life.

This relaxed and playful session will guide you in recognising your quiet strengths and discovering your core values. You will see yourself in a new light, growing your confidence and supporting your current or future job seeking activities.

Eventbrite - Seeing the good in you

Growing self-compassion

Old Bakery Studios, Wednesday 23rd August, 6:00-8:00pm
[In collaboration with Stacie of New Day Knitwear] 

If you’ve been feeling like you’re not good enough, you’ll quickly learn that you’re not alone at this workshop. We’ll explore what compassion looks and feels like;  why this is important in feeling confident and being courageous in life; and you’ll take away new ways to be more compassionate towards yourself.

Eventbrite - Growing self-compassion

3 day creative compassion course

Location TBC, 15th-17th September
[In collaboration with Stacie of New Day Knitwear] 

Understanding your loved one’s experience

We aim to help family and friends understand and support people who feel anxious in social situations. If you’ve had this experience, we want to know what challenges and messages you’d like to share with people to help them better understand you. If you’re a friend or relative, we want to know what questions you want answered. We’ll be sharing these anonymously at awareness events, which will be a chance for loved ones to learn things you haven’t been able to talk about before and find out how we really want to be supported.

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Look out for our speaking club gatherings too!
“Using exercises from the workshop, I was able to maintain and manage a lower level of anxiety and feel more confident in myself. I got some of my fight and motivation back! Woohoo!" -Stacie

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