Quiet Connections services



Bringing like-minded people together, we're creating a community of understanding and a safe place to have a go at something new, make friends and practice your social abilities; gradually stretching your comfort zone and increasing your support network. 

Community Connections

Gently connecting with others in a space where it's ok to talk and it's ok to be quiet too. Join a regular group local to you.

Social Connections

Getting you out and about, meeting new people and visiting new places, as we Quietly explore Cornwall together.

Speaking Connections

Taking small, supported steps to start speaking up more confidently with our regular social or public speaking groups.



Learn healthy ways to manage anxious feelings, love your quiet strengths, make wise decisions and take courageous action, so you can be your best self and live a happier, healthier life. 


Increasing your self-awareness and understanding through sharing knowledge and techniques to support your growth.

Coaching & counselling

Supporting you to change how you're thinking, feeling and behaving so you can live a more courageous, connected life.

Personal training

Getting active to improve your wellbeing through movement. This is for you if you aren't yet ready to exercise in public.


Right now, Quiet Connections is not a funded service and many of our clients are self-funding. However, we are a partner on the Positive People programme in Cornwall. This means, if you are unemployed, you can access fully funded support via this route. We are also a partner on the Together for Families programme with the CHAOS Group allowing families in need to access fully funded coaching support.

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