Quiet Connections Cornwall

Our Mission

Connecting, coaching and supporting people who are feeling shy, socially anxious or not enough to grow quiet confidence so you can live a happier life the way you want
Sarah and Hayley Coaching

Our Vision

People will find that they are not alone in feeling shy, socially anxious and not enough as part of our quiet community, a supportive space where it’s ok to talk and we’re all growing confidence together.

How we work

We’re supporting people who are feeling socially anxious, shy or not good enough to grow their confidence through:

  • Connecting with people who have similar stories to feel understood and a sense of belonging as part of our quiet community
  • Coaching to find new ways to respond in challenging situations and grow self-compassion and appreciation of quiet strengths
  • Creating supportive spaces for trying new things, practising being heard and gradually stretching comfort zones amongst friends

Why we work

We all know what it’s like to feel you don’t belong. To think that you’re just not good enough. And how feeling shy and socially anxious can affect your life.

Importantly, we know what helped us to begin noticing and appreciating our unique strengths for the first time. And how we started developing skills to manage feelings of anxiety and grow a sense of quiet confidence within.

And when we shared our stories, we realised we weren't alone. Did you know that 2 in 5 people consider themselves to be shy? So many other people feel this way too! We just don’t talk about it, do we?

So we’re starting those conversations. And we’re bringing people together. Because you need to know that there is nothing wrong with you; you do belong! And you can achieve things you didn’t think possible before now. You can live a happy life in a way that's true to your nature.

What we’re here for

Doing all we can so you can access support with a sense of calm; knowing what you’re going into and who you’re going to meet, with no pressure to participate
Creating a sense of belonging and acceptance through bringing people with similar experiences together to share stories and support one another
Sharing tools and strategies that you can use again and again while providing a safe space of compassion and encouragement to practise your skills
Increasing your choices and possibilities by reducing self-limiting beliefs and behaviour and helping you to reconnect with who you are at your core

How can we help you?

You don’t need a diagnosis to work with us.

You just need to be feeling shy, socially anxious or like you’re not enough.

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you in growing your confidence, just click here: