Quiet Speakers for Events

Book a Quiet speaker for your event

We believe everyone who feels anxious and avoidant in social and performance situations should easily be able to access compassionate support and feel understood. Right now, this can be tricky for people with social anxiety because it remains largely hidden and misunderstood due to individuals’ reluctance to report their feelings.

As such, part of our Quiet Mission involves raising awareness, amongst professionals, family and friends, around the everyday challenges faced by people experiencing feelings of social anxiety and believing they’re just not good enough.


We’ll be delighted to tailor-make a talk or presentation for your organisation or event, delivered by a team member who has lived experience of these challenges.

We know when people are aware of the issues faced when feeling socially anxious, they are better able to recognise, support and empathise with those in need of support, who may not wish to draw attention to themselves by asking for help.

We're happy to share with you our personal stories and those of the people we’re supporting; why this is such an important issue including statistics and the different ways people are affected; our approach at Quiet Connections and what you can do to help.

Please contact Hayley to discuss your ideas and which team member you'd most like to attend your event. 

Email: hayley@quietconnections.co.uk