Crochet to ease anxiety

How can 3 minutes of crochet ease anxiety?

 We all get anxious at times, it’s completely natural, and can even serve us well in small controlled spells. But if anxiety is something that you feel like you struggle with […]

Sarah Summers Story

Sarah’s story

I have been ‘quiet’ all my life. Sitting in a room full of others taking turns reading out loud from a book we were studying at that time. It’s my […]

Self-compassion heart

Why is self-compassion so important?

It’s easy to think that self-compassion is something you can get by without. You can be compassionate towards others, and that’s all that really matters right? But is this true? […]

Stacie Clark New Day Knitwear

New Day Knitwear: Creatively improving mental health

One wonderful creative organisation that we work with is New Day Knitwear and you might like to learn more about Founder Stacie and what she does at New Day and the emotional benefits of designing […]

How to reduce anxiety with balanced breathing

Managing anxiety Your body’s response to stress is triggered automatically by a part of your nervous system that you have little control over. This takes you out of a calm […]